About us

Where did we get the idea for coworking in Cracow?

We made Mrowisko Cowork for people like us: straightforward, creative and open to other people (and pets!). We managed to arrange the office of our dreams: located in the city center, with comfortable workplaces, warm, day light and access to fast Internet. Because we are not selfish - we decided to share our space with you! And so on the map of Krakow he was: our cowork. In Mrowisko we care not only about the quality of our office, but also about integration of the community which will gather around our office.

How does our cowork look like?

First of all - community

Mrowisko is not a basic cowork. It was founded by two vigorous souls, who dreamed about a workplace for people who aren’t close for others. We created Mrowisko believing it would be a common space, where specialists and passionates from different areas could grow, achieve their goals and… made unexpected, exciting collaborations! On behalf of Mrowisko we invite you to work on this place together!

For people-hurricanes we prepared special places in tempting prices! If you love changes, you’re still on the move, but you’d like to come back to old, tested workplace this is a perfect solution for you! At Mrowisko Cowork we will always wait for you with a place to work, good coffee and plants!

Hot desks for creative people

You need your own, constant workplace or maybe you work faster being around people? Mrowisko Cowork is perfect for you! In our office there is not only fast Internet connection or inspiring interior, but also many inspiring coworkers! And who knows - maybe you will get a promising partnership working here?

Dedicated desks for rent

If you’re looking for functional office for your team, which is located in the city center - let us know! We have microoffices adapted to 6-10 people with windows facing on Krupnicza street, which makes the room/space being perfectly lit with soft, daily light.


Spacious training room - that is ready to take even the hardest challenges - was our priority. We are trainers ourselves and we also have been members of many training courses and that’s how we knew what needed to be added to a conference room, but with our own space we were even more demanding. That is why we equipped the room with: reliable, wooden table, comfortable chairs, big TV and a flipchart.

Conference room

Ants, even those who work hard, need to rest. For the sake of our coworkers we prepared two chill zones: winter and summer version (even tho it doesn’t mean summer version can’t be used during winter time!). One of those is a balcony covered with flowers with a Mehoffer’s garden view, and the other one lets you sunbath in the company of plants with a view on Krupnicza Street. We tested it and it passed the test! Come and check it if you like!

Summer and Winter Chillzone

For your own use we also prepared a comfortable kitchen equipped with fridge, coffee makers, washing machine (we spare the water!), kettle, microwave, and even an oven and heating fluid (when unexpectedly you’ll get haunted by a hunger for your mum’s dumplings). Kitchen space is closed with a glass-door in case there’s a need to isolate the room from any unwanted kitchen experiments.

Fully equipped kitchen



Closed meetings only for society and open meetings for freelancers.

2x Chillzone

Wonderful green balcony and winter garden with a view at Krupnicza Street.

Super-fast Internet

Symetrical 500/500 mbps link, Ethernet & Wifi and a backup 30/30 mbps link

Your own key set

You can come and go/enter and leave the office whenever/anytime you want. If you forget your keys - don’t worry! We also have an intercom. :)

Amazing coffee

Solid coffee maker, few different types of coffee and no instant coffee.

Security and monitoring

3 security levels, which will care about your safety in our cowork.

Your own closet/cubby

Everybody has their own closet with a lock.

Unlimited printing

You can use our laser multifunction devices without any limits.

Place for your pet

We love animals! In our cowork there will always be a place for your pet, as long as it also likes other pets company.

Clear air

Cracow is one of the most polluted city. That’s why during winter time we always use air cleaners so we can breathe deeply.

Comfortable chairs

We never spare money when it comes to health. The chairs in our office have 3 levels of adjustment, lumbar support and headrest.

Adjustable desks

There is no universal hight for the desk. That’s why every of our desks have an adjustment option, to make sure you can adapt it to your needs.

What do we have to offer?

Hot desk

350 pln

Wynajmij biurko

Dedicated Desk

650 pln

  • Your own desk with full equipment
  • Closed with a lock for your personal things
  • Access to conference room
  • Free entrance to trainings organized in our office
  • 24/7 office access
  • Your own keys

400 pln

Conference room

od 4500 pln

Micro office

  • A place at temporary desks
  • Free entrance to trainings organized in our office
  • Access to the office during working hours
  • Closed room for 8-10 people
  • Multimedia equipment (TV, remote control for a presentation, adapters)
  • Free coffee service (water, tea and coffee access)
  • Flipchart with a training set
  • Fast Internet connection for guests
  • A set of 6-10 desks with full equipment
  • Entrance to conference room
  • Free entrance to trainings organized in our office
  • 24/7 office access
  • Separate entrance with a key set
  • Your own separated space in widely available kitchen
  • Your own keys

The given prices are Netto prices, which do not include 23% VAT.

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Zostaw kontakt do siebie. Odezwiemy się jeszcze dzisiaj!


Zostaw kontakt do siebie. Odezwiemy się jeszcze dzisiaj!


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Leave contact with yourself. We'll get back today!


Leave contact with yourself. We'll get back today!


Leave contact with yourself. We'll get back today!